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Laser Tag Rules and Game Tips

Lost Worlds has a few important rules to ensure that Players of all ages enjoy their Laser Tag adventure in Atlantis.  Please inform a Crewmember if anyone in your group has special needs or requires assistance.   

Laser Tag Rules Strictly Enforced

  • No jumping or climbing.
  • No sitting, kneeling or lying down.
  • Be careful going around corners.
  • No contact with other Players.
  • No following or intimidating other Players.
  • No offensive language.
  • Violating rules will result in penalties.
  • Players judged unsafe will be removed with  NO refunds given.​​​

​​​​       Mission Tips & Hints

  • Tag the Crystal target 3 times to get 1001 points. This can be done once per game per Player.
  • Stay away from the Crystal when you hear the "Danger" warning or it will tag you!
  • Earn the Rapid Fire ability by tagging 2 or more Players in a row without getting tagged.
  • Explore all the levels of Atlantis, but remember-      if you can see them, they can tag you!
  • Watch the Shields on the walls, they glow in the color of the team that is winning.​​​


          Laser Tag Info

  • A Laser Tag mission lasts about 20 minutes including Briefing, Vesting, and 10-12 minutes play in the Arena.
  • ​Laser Tag missions begin every 20 minutes.
  • The maximum capacity for the Laser Tag Arena is 40 Players.
  • All Laser Tag Players must be AT LEAST 40" TALL, and is recommended for age 5 or older.
  • Each Player under age 5 must be chaperoned by a NON-PLAYING adult. 
  • ​No one under age 3 will be allowed into the Arena.
  • On busy weekends some Missions may be sold out and wait times may vary, please call for availability.
  • Different Missions such as "Color Conquest" and "Shadows" are available on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • For groups of 15 or more Laser Tag Players, reservations are recommended, please see our Groups Page.
  • Private missions are also available with advance reservations, please see our Groups Page.
  • No bare feet allowed, closed toe shoes are strongly recommended.​​  No "Heelies" allowed.

17545 Colima Rd, Industry, CA 91748