A Laser Tag Mission lasts 20 minutes.  8-10 minutes briefing and vesting plus 10-12 minutes of play time in the arena. Maximum Arena capacity is 40 Players per Mission. 

Reservations are strongly recommended on weekends for ​groups of 10 of more. Private Missions are available for groups of 30 or more with reservations.  All groups with reservations must check in 20 minutes before their game times.


$9 for 1 Mission

$16 for 2 Missions

$6 for Extra Missions




$10 per Person

1 Free Laser Tag Mission

Choose your own Laser Tag Name

Additional Benefits

Free Lanyard

$1.00 discount on 1 Mission

$2.00 discount on 2 Missions  

Earn level ups and special abilities! 

Invitation to Members Only Missions

Member discount not valid with any other specials

Lost Worlds Laser Tag


  $20 per Person

  2 Hours of Unlimited Laser Tag 

25 Arcade E-Tokens​


Wednesday 3pm to 9pm

Thursday 3pm to 9pm

Friday 3pm to Midnight

Saturday 8pm to Midnight

Sunday 4pm to Midnight

Missions begin every 20 minutes. Minimum of 3 Laser Tag Missions guaranteed. Play in every Mission and/or consecutive Missions is not guaranteed. 2 Hours of Unlimited Laser Tag play begin at time of purchase. Non- Refundable.


$30 per Person

 2 Laser Tag Missions

 1 Bumper Car Ride

 1 Mini Bowling Game

 1 Lost Land Adventure

 40 Arcade E-Tokens


$25 per Person

2 Laser Tag Missions

1 Mini Bowling Game

25 Arcade E-Tokens

Laser Tag Mission Tips & Hints

1. Find and tag the other team's Base ( 3 times! )

2. Find and tag the Crystal Generator target ( 3 times!! )

3. Take the high ground, but don't camp there.

4. When you get tagged, use that time to get to a new spot.

5. Watch the crystals on the walls- they show you which team is in the lead!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How old do you need to be to play laser tag?

We recommend laser tag to everyone age 5 and up.

2.  Are shoes required to play laser tag?

Closed toe shoes are strongly recommended, but not required. Bare feet are not allowed.

3.  Can non-players enter the Arena to watch or take photos?

Yes!!  We welcome observers and encourage taking photos or video of the fun.

4.  Is running allowed in Laser Tag?

No.  Running is not allowed in the Arena.  Running will result in penalties up to and including removal from the game with no refunds given.