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What is Laser Tag?
Laser Tag is a live action game of "Capture the Flag" where Players of all ages compete in a giant glow in the dark Arena, and everyone is the hero of his or her own adventure!  Missions begin every 20 minutes.  After a short briefing, Players are divided into teams and equipped with Hi-Tech phasers.  Music pulses, fog swirls and lights flash as the Players enter
 a maze of ruins, passages and secret chambers.

Go For the High Score
Players work together to protect their Base and must find and tag the interactive Beacons to get power-ups, the other team's Base for the big points and the mysterious Crystal Generator in the Temple of Poseidon for the bonus.  Tag the other teams'  Player and get 100 points.  Get tagged and get deactivated for 5 seconds.  After completing the mission, Players check their scores and cheer the winning Team and the best Players.

          Laser Tag Info

  • A Laser Tag mission lasts about 20 minutes including Briefing, Vesting, and 10-12 minutes play in the Arena.
  • ​Laser Tag missions begin every 20 minutes.
  • The maximum capacity for the Laser Tag Arena is 40 Players.
  • All Laser Tag Players must be AT LEAST 40" TALL, and is recommended for age 5 or older.
  • Each Player under age 5 must be chaperoned by a NON-PLAYING adult. 
  • ​No one under age 3 will be allowed into the Arena.
  • On busy weekends some Missions may be sold out and wait times may vary.
  • Advanced Missions such as "Color Conquest" and "Shadows" are available on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • For groups of 15 or more Laser Tag Players, reservations are recommended, please see our Groups Page.
  • Private missions are also available with advance reservations, please see our Groups Page.
  • No bare feet allowed, closed toe shoes are strongly recommended.​​  No "Heelies" allowed.

More than Just Team Games

Red vs blue is only the beginning...

Supercharge Your Game
Become a member and choose your own Laserforce codename.  Track your scores and achievements at iPlayLaserforce.com.  Check your rankings against players from all 150+ Laserforce sites around the world.  Level up and get special abilities like rapid fire, invulnerability, missiles, reset, payback, nukes, and stealth mode.

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Membership Has Its Rewards

Join the Laserforce universe

Largest Laser Tag Arena in Southern California!

Lost World's 6,500 square foot arena is the largest around!  Strap on a state of the art Laserforce vest and enter a mysterious fog-filled realm with up to 40 Players.  Take the high ground as you compete in multilevel ancient ruins packed with interactive Bases, Beacons, and Generator targets and lead your team to victory before time runs out!  

Multilevel 6,500 Sq. Ft. Living Arena

Journey to Atlantis

Bases, Beacons and More

Interactive Pulse Pounding Fun

Experience a Whole New Game
The standard game is played with 2 teams.  But Lost Worlds with over 100 game formats offers so much more!  Whether it's Zombies vs. Survivors, Color Conquest, Highlander, Space Marines, or Shadows, each has its own unique twists. Ask your game marshal about our special game types during your next visit!  Check out all the action with an Unlimited 2 Hour wristband late night Fridays and Saturdays and expand your universe!

17545 Colima Rd, Industry, CA 91748