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Party Frequenty Asked Questions

Why should I choose a Laser Tag party at Lost Worlds?

Laser Tag is a shared activity that everyone in the whole family age 5 and up can enjoy together, and remember for years!  Lost Worlds specializes in affordable stress-free parties for groups of any size.  You have fun and we do all the clean up!

Is there a minimum age to play Laser Tag?

ALL Laser Tag players must be at least 40" tall, and we recommend Laser Tag for children age 5 and older.  Each Player under age 5 must be chaperoned by a non-playing adult.  ​No one under age 3 will be allowed into the Arena.

How far in advance should we book our party?
We recommend booking your party at least four weeks in advance to be certain you get your preferred date and time you want.  

Can I book a party for this weekend?
Our Party Room is HUGE and we can often accommodate last-minute parties even when our website shows no availability.  Please call us to check availability if you are desperate... 

How much seating do I get with my party?
We provide seating for the total number of reserved & paid Players.  However, our Party Stations are arranged so that 10 (Up to 14) Player parties will have total seating for 18 guests. 15 (Up to 25) Player parties will have total seating for 36 guests.  Triton's Mini Adventure parties will be seated in the Cafe, while Neptune's Expedition and Ultimate Atlantis parties will be seated at reserved tables in our giant Party Room.

Can I reserve an extra table for my party?

Extra Party Stations that seat an additional 18 persons may be reserved for Neptune's Expedition and Ultimate Atlantis 15+ Player parties only, with an agreement to spend (at least) an additional $250 in food, arcade or laser tag purchases.  Please call to check the availability of extra tables for your party.  For 15+ Player parties, if total # of paid Players are 26 or more, the $250 agreement will be waived.  Since 15 Player parties already provide total seating for 36 guests, additional Players will NOT be counted towards the extra table agreement unless the total number of Players is 26 or more.  Parties that reserve additional tables that do not meet the $250 per additional table spending agreement may be charged a fee equal to the difference.  Triton's Mini Adventure parties cannot be increased in seating.

Can you accommodate a very big party?

YES!  We host parties for 50 or more guests every week and we are the BIG PARTY specialists.  Please call us to discuss your event and we will create a custom proposal just for you!

Can I bring my own food?

Per the Health Department, NO outside food or drink is allowed, but you are allowed to bring a store bought cake or cupcakes.

Can you accommodate my guests with special dietary needs or food allergies?

We believe our menu accommodates most dietary needs & food allergies. However, if you can't find an item which accommodates your requirements, please contact us to make arrangements to reasonably accommodate your needs.  Please be advised our food may contain dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, treenuts, fish and shellfish.


Can I order extra food for my guests?

Yes, please see our menu for additional food choices.  All food should be ordered at least 3 days before your party.

What if my guests are late or do not attend?

Your Laser Tag missions cannot be rescheduled for late guests. Please ask your guests to arrive early so they don't miss any of the fun.  If any guests are late or are unable to attend the party, your Laser Tag passes and Arcade passports can be used by your other guests, or by you at any future time.  You always will receive everything included in your booked party package, including the food.  

Can we bring our own decorations or balloons?

You can always bring your own decorations to personalize your party.  Please note that our party tables are 12 feet long and require 2 standard tablecloth, or 1 tablecloth centered on top of the colored tablecloth we provide.  We do not allow glitter, confetti, silly string, noisemakers, bang snaps, poppers or fireworks.  Please bring a roll of blue painters tape if you wish to put anything on the wall.  Helium balloons must be on weights, and may not be inflated in the facility. 

What if we want to stay longer?

We offer unlimited time at your reserved table if you host your party on Wednesday or Thursday. But from Friday - Sunday your Party Room reservation is be based on the type of party you reserve (1.5 Hours for Triton's Mini Adventure, 2 hours for Neptune's Expedition, and 2.5 hours for Ultimate Atlantis). Your group can always stay at Lost Worlds after your event in the Cafe area, but unfortunately seating is not guaranteed. 

Can my adult guests play Laser Tag with the Player children?

You may make reservations for your other guests to play Laser Tag for $6 per person per mission at the time you book your party.  If you do not make advance reservations additional guests can only be added if space is available during the Laser Tag missions. HOWEVER- space in the laser tag games is limited, and paid Players will have priority over non-Players.  Birthdays almost always bring more Players than anticipated.  Ask your Party Captain if space will be available.

How does the Unlimited Video Games for an Ultimate Atlantis party work?

Ultimate Atlantis Players receive Arcade Passports loaded with 2.5 hours of play on all non-ticket and non-prize arcade games. The 2.5 hours begins upon activation. Ask your Party Captain when the best time will be to activate the Passports.

17545 Colima Rd, Industry, CA 91748